Happy Holidays

Every year at this time I take stock of what I’ve managed to accomplish writing-wise and take a peek at the calendar for next year. This is a fun post for me, even though it grants no real substance for those who come here looking for reviews and/or a glimpse into the struggles of writing life.

Which is really my way of saying you don’t have to read on if none of this interests you.

I suspect only die-hard fans and family really will. (Hello, all! I love you!)

This year I managed to complete two novels from start to finish. Pawprints on the Wall is my Christian Romance revolving around an animal shelter. And One Big Werewolf Wedding/Darkside of Bright (I’ll settle on a title eventually) is the beginning of a much longer series about Nora Grayson, marital counselor to the supernatural among us. Both are out on query.

I also revised Melody of Bones, but I admit that I am sitting on that one before I send it out to query.

If I send it out to query.

It may be that I choose to Wattpad/Kindle Vella that one.

When COVID hit, I had to loosen my standards for deadlines and works because I was helping my son at home with his schoolwork for much of the year. And, quite frankly, when he is home I tend to do less work. He will turn 14 in January, and I am beginning to feel the loss of him. Every day he grows and every day I sense his distancing from the little boy he was, so I will happily set aside my work to treasure what time I have with him.

That being said, two novels written to completion is fantastic. The third being revised was icing on the cake.

So what do I hope to do in 2022?

The second Nora book is being outlined presently, with first chapters already in the works. I will likely begin the new year with either a short story/novella or the second book in this series.

The third book in the Tapped series, tentatively titled Tango Five, has been niggling at me for weeks now. Enemy Souls did very well, and continues to bring in new reviews that make me smile. (To those of you who take the time to write a review, thank you so much! You’re all amazing.)

Beyond that, I have been feeling the itch to return to fantasy. I’m not sure if this means revisiting Trenna and the Sedition series or beginning something new. We will have to see.

I will keep querying the completed novels (Pawprints and Nora) until they find a home.

And lastly, in 2022, I want to read two books a month.

To my fellow writers out there, I hope you are inspired and happily working away at your novels. To my fellow readers out there, if you have any suggestions I am happy to take recommendations for books. I am on Goodreads!

To all of you, I wish you the happiest of holidays. Celebrate in safety.

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. A.J,

    That is quite the productive year. You should be proud of that! I also admire your fearlessness when it comes to querying, querying and querying again. That is awesome.

    I hope to be joining your ranks and to be querying myself soon! Good luck!

    1. I admit that the querying thing is daunting. I try to space them out because I know myself and if I get more than one rejection in a week it will derail me straight into a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

      Good luck on your queries as well! Maybe by this time next year we’ll be commiserating our individual successes.

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