Release Date Scheduled!

This is still just a placeholder cover. When I have the official one, I will blast it as a cover reveal.

Yes, I’ve been quiet the past month or so, but for good reasons! My book Paw Prints on the Wall will be out for sale on November 2nd!

I’m so excited. I even put up a countdown widget on this website so you can see how many days are left before you can buy it.

Pre-orders are not available yet, but in case anyone other than my mother wants to do that I will be sure to bring that information here.

This is a Christian Fiction novel with a splash of romance added in, which is new for me. The only other book I’ve written that comes close is Persona, but that one was historical fiction with a splash of Christian fiction. This one is undeniably Christian and tackles some theological themes, so be aware of what you’re walking into when you pick the book up. With all my science fiction and fantasy novels out there, it is a change of pace.

So what is the book about?

In a word? Healing.

Michael York comes to the Almost Home Animal Shelter with little hope. His dog has stopped eating altogether, though the vets can find nothing physically wrong. The loss of his wife to cancer has left him raw, to lose his dog too seems an injustice. But Sarah Riley, the shelter’s owner, has a way with people as well as animals and before he knows it, Michael finds himself knee deep in shelter work, aiding those unfortunate souls who find themselves bereft of a home. But a series of events have stretched Sarah’s finances thin and she has her own troubled past haunting her.

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