The Cover Reveal!

That’s right, we are saying goodbye to the placeholder cover for Paw Prints on the Wall!

As much as it tickles me to use Canva to create these little placeholders while I’m in the drafting and editing stages of the novel, they simply aren’t as eye-catching as a novel needs to be for the professional marketplace. I’m sure they could be if I were talented enough with colors and pictures, but that’s simply not my field of expertise.

So let’s do a little Before and After….


A few other things have changed, such as the back cover blurb, which I will happily place up here as well.


For those who really, really wanted the ability to Pre-Order the book, you can do so NOW through any bookstore (Yes, this includes Barnes & Nobles) and through Amazon.

EBOOK – Barnes & Noble Link

EBOOK – Amazon Link

PRINT BOOK – ISBN # 9798218071349 — You can take this ISBN to any bookseller and they will be able to order it for you.

From the Back Cover!

One look at Michael and Sarah knew he would be trouble. Bossy, with a hero-complex to rival Hercules, he storms into her life with his ailing dog and  though every instinct she has screams to turn him away, Sarah can’t let an animal suffer. Her fears are proven right when Michael becomes a permanent fixture at the Almost Home Animal shelter after only two visits. But with her ex-husband hounding her about the shelter finances and her Nana Faye bemoaning the entire shelter as a health risk, Sarah can’t afford to chase Michael off, especially after he proves that he’s earned that hero-complex. As Michael’s dog slowly recovers, Michael and Sarah discover that sometimes there is healing in the midst of crisis and they must both decide if they can risk putting their hearts on the line again.

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