Book Review – Crescent City by Sarah J Maas

Alright, so we already know I was a fan of Sarah J Maas’s Court of Thorns and Roses, so it comes as no surprise that I enjoyed this book. It is a big book that you can settle into for several days/weeks depending on your reading speed. Personally, I had some time off with my kiddo during the Christmas holiday and, because this book was one of my presents (thank you, Husband!) I dove right in.

I started this novel Christmas Day and practically lived in it for three days. The world Maas created was fascinating and the characters felt real and raw. Admittedly, I feared I wasn’t going to like the book at the beginning because I just did not have anything in common with Bryce and the partying life she enjoyed. I’m far too introverted to ever enjoy that lifestyle, but we read books to experience new things and so I trucked along until I could connect with Bryce better.

That said, this review comes with a strong parental warning. I know several parents read this blog and I would not recommend this for your younger crowds. It has raw language and heavy sexual overtones to it.

Warnings aside, the story itself is excellent. I did cry at one part (NO SPOILERS) so the author gets applause from me there. I didn’t see the ending coming, but it was epic and heart-pounding and I quite enjoyed it. There were moments where the cast felt a little too big, but this was overshadowed by just how big the world is that she’s built here so while I might have had to remind myself who certain people were, those names added to the scope of the world itself.

I loved the book and am excited to see what comes next for Bryce and Hunt.

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