About Aimee

A.J. (Aimee Jean) Maguire is a science fiction junky and an outdoors enthusiast. She loves stories in all shapes and sizes; which means she reads a lot, watches a great deal of movies, and allows herself to be consumed by select television shows. A devoted parent, she believes her son is the greatest gift of her life and enjoys sharing all of her geekery with him. She graduated with honors from Northwest Nazarene University with her BA in Christian Ministries.

Maguire has been weaving stories since she was very young and even confesses to having carried 3×5 cards in her cargo pockets while in the military just in case inspiration hit her away from the computer. Her writing runs the gamut from historical fiction to science fiction and she fully intends to be telling stories long into her old age.

Her books can be found at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.