Week 4 – Camp Nano 2021

I shall open with a small confession. I have an amazing husband. He not only works full time, but he enjoys spoiling me with expenditures that I would normally not afford myself. For instance, a year’s worth of Master Class where I can listen to Neil Gaiman chat about storytelling is not something I would … Continue reading Week 4 – Camp Nano 2021

Week 3 – Camp Nano 2021

The joy of Pinterest, and the pitfalls! Whenever I’ve gotten stuck in the past few days regarding the WIP, I have flown to my Pinterest page where I have selected certain faces to help “cast” or represent the characters in the novel. This has been great fun. So much fun. Probably too much fun. I … Continue reading Week 3 – Camp Nano 2021

Week 2 – Camp Nano 2021

Well, I did say I normally hit a slump right around week two and I wasn’t wrong. However, my Pinterest/Reading/Netflix plan did work! I took several hours off yesterday doing other things and in the evening I was able to get words on the page. This isn’t to say that this process will work for … Continue reading Week 2 – Camp Nano 2021

Camp Nano 2021

Entering the world of Bright, where supernatural creatures live amongst us and steam engines rule! I hit my daily word goal before lunchtime, so I am feeling great. Though I do admit that whenever I do a National Novel Writing Month, the first week or so is always awesome. Midway through the second week, my … Continue reading Camp Nano 2021


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