Happy Holidays

Every year at this time I take stock of what I’ve managed to accomplish writing-wise and take a peek at the calendar for next year. This is a fun post for me, even though it grants no real substance for those who come here looking for reviews and/or a glimpse into the struggles of writing … Continue reading Happy Holidays

Happy December!

With NanoWriMo 2021 officially over, I can report that during the last 30 days I not only managed to edit one novel to its completion, but two. And then I started working on a third. Because why not? The two novels I edited took about a week and a half a piece, with dedicated writing … Continue reading Happy December!

Bring On The New

As of October 28th, Darkside of Bright has a completed first draft. Calculating how long this took, it was about 4 months of work start to finish, which isn’t bad at all. There are things I am still debating changing but for now, it is going into a virtual corner to sit and simmer while … Continue reading Bring On The New


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About Me

Hi, I’m Aimee. I’m one of those head-in-the-clouds, lover of the written word, science fiction junkies who also happens to write novels. I’m also a mother, a veteran, and an animal lover, all of which manage to find their way into my written works.

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