Fantasy Novels

Attending a werewolf wedding was never on Nora’s agenda. But when Constable Derrick King arrives on her doorstep with an offer her bank account can’t refuse, and a smile she can’t forget, she is dragged from her Boston home and plunged neck-deep into werewolf politics. To make matters worse, Derrick is conducting an investigation into the bride’s family that threatens to land several of the wedding party in jail.

After an attendee is discovered murdered, Nora becomes the prime suspect according to this socialite werewolf family and must rely on Derrick to clear her name. With a killer on the loose, a bride gone missing, and dark family secrets surfacing, Nora and Derrick race to uncover the culprit before they both become centerpieces at a werewolf wedding feast.

AVAILABLE 8/9/2023 in Kindle/Paperback and Hardcover.



Enter the fantasy realm of Dyngannon, where the Eldur and Humans have been at war for centuries. In the tiny kingdom of Kiavana, two brothers struggle to free their mother from their father, and the clutches of a blood-consuming witch. But it will take more than brawn to rescue Auliere Dyngannon, it will take a soul-eating sword, a brash and improper swordswoman, and a whole lot of luck.

FROM THE BACK COVER: War was coming. Years of conspiring with his brother, of hunting for his lost mother, and war was finally coming. With options and allies depleting, Nelek finds that his newest and brashest bodyguard, Trenna Croften, could be the key to everything he’s been fighting for.


Return to the fantasy world of Dyngannon in the second installment of the Sedition series, where Nelek and Trenna mount the effort for peace between the Eldur and Human races. Leaving his brother in charge of Kiavana, Nelek and Trenna make for the borderlands and the human lords gathering there. But the past cannot be forgotten, and Trenna’s history with the Humans is long and violent.

FROM THE BACK COVER: He’d promised to unite the land, to bring Eldur and Human together in peace, but Nelek Dyngannon never expected that peace to come at the cost of his wife. Together, Trenna and Nelek must battle past the demons of Trenna’s past, in order to forge a peaceful future.


Enter once more the fantasy realm of Dyngannon, where Eldur and Human alike struggle to carve out a living in between bouts of war. Hiding in exile on a small island, Trenna and Nelek have managed to raise their family relatively untouched for twenty years. But memory is long in Dyngannon, and there is one who believes their son is destined to be king.

FROM THE BACK COVER: Over twenty years since making her bargain with the blood mage, Trenna had begun to hope Dyngannon had forgotten them. But when their exile is interrupted by assassins, she knows the time has come for Kaden to make his choice, a choice that will have consequences for all of Dyngannon.



Smash witchcraft and steampunk technology together and you get the world of Magnellum, where Witches are nobility and the populace depends on Magic to keep the Wild at bay. Witch-Born is a Fantasy with steampunk tendencies revolving around the lives of Elsie Delgora and Saldorian Feverrette. Fate literally thrusts these two together when Saldorian stumbles over the seditious plot Elsie has been conducting for 23 years. As the two struggle to find an accord the House Lands of Delgora begin to crumble under the tyranny of Vicaress Reonne, whose hidden pet known as the Dellidus slowly eats at the Magic keeping the Wild away.


Return to the Steam Punk world of Magnellum for the second book in the “Witch-Born” series.

Magic is gone and Valeda Quinlan knows it, she just can’t prove it. Determined to learn the truth, Valeda finds herself at the mercy of Elsie Delgora, the last known Witch to have ever seen Magic. Scrambling for survival amidst the noble Houses of Magnellum, Valeda agrees to help Elsie in return for Magic’s location. But the help Elsie needs is more than Valeda bargained for. Sent on a mission to find Lord Winslow Agoston, Valeda is confronted by powers far beyond any Witch-Born and forced to take on an even larger role in the fate of Magnellum.