General Fiction

Other Works of Fiction – Because sometimes you want some historical romance or a paranormal investigation gone wrong.

– Paw Prints On The Wall –

One look at Michael and Sarah knew he would be trouble. Bossy, with a hero-complex to rival Hercules, he storms into her life with his ailing dog and though every instinct she has screams to turn him away, Sarah can’t let an animal suffer. Her fears are proven right when Michael becomes a permanent fixture at the Almost Home Animal shelter after only two visits. But with her ex-husband hounding her about the shelter finances and her Nana Faye bemoaning the entire shelter as a health risk, Sarah can’t afford to chase Michael off, especially after he proves that he’s earned that hero-complex. As Michael’s dog slowly recovers, Michael and Sarah discover that sometimes there is healing in the midst of crisis and they must both decide if they can risk putting their hearts on the line again.

-The Haunting of Tessa Pines-

Injuries from an IED explosion pushed Tessa Pines out of the army. Now, haunted by the friend who gave his life for her, Tessa tries to get on with living. But her hopes of a quiet recovery become doubtful when sparks fly again between her and her ex-husband.
Cordon Morant never thought he’d see Tessa again. Despite their rediscovered passion, he still wants answers to some old questions, like why she left him. When her roommate finagles them into a paranormal investigation of the old Ashwood Institute, Tessa and Cordon find themselves in a fight for their lives. Are some things best left in the past and the dark?


When Megan Shepherd agreed to translate papers in Britain the war was little more than a distant threat to her, but when her ship sinks in the middle of the Atlantic the realities of warfare become all too apparent. Plunged into German society at the height of WWII, Megan discovers that she must lie, and lie convincingly, to the very people who rescued her from drowning; one Captain Victor Von Buren and his crew.

With only her wits and a solid knowledge of the German language to guide her, Megan sets her sights on the Swiss border. But when escaped POW Sam Layton lands on her doorstep Megan is faced with yet another polarizing choice; to help him and risk being discovered or to turn him over and keep up appearances.