What am I working on?

Firstly, you should never ask an author that question. If their answer is ‘nothing’, then they are undoubtedly depressed and in need of many pints of ice-cream and/or the vice of their choice. Or, and this is more likely the case, they are working on something and they will happily unleash different variations of the pitch/synopsis/outline and you will be caught scrambling for an excuse to get away.

But hey, you’re here, so you asked, right?


Presently I am working on the Nora Grayson series, about an empathic wizard living in Boston who acts as a counselor to the supernatural creatures living amongst us. Her story has grown, as they are wont to do once pen meets the page, and there are several smaller stories within her world that I intend to put forward. The first book is due to release in August 2023, with the second book being edited presently and the third slowly being outlined.


The current status of this book is DRAFTING. In fact, I am down to the last ten chapters of this super awesome novel. I’ve done as much world building as my quasi-pantser can handle and the rest will come to life as I write and edit, with many notes on the side. If I do any more worldbuilding this will become yet another EPIC series when what I really want is a Duology at best. The quasi-outline has the Game Changers moments in place, but if history has taught me anything it’s that nothing’s set in stone until the publication date has been set.


Fans of Seach and Jorry Barlow will be pleased to know that the third installment of the Zephyr Chronicles is under way. I’m particularly proud of this science fiction series as the first novel continues to rake in excellent reviews and ratings. This next book has been percolating in the back of my mind for some time now and I am excited to get back to it.

I’m hoping to start in September.


This book was written specifically for my son and has been lingering in the background for many years now. It’s a story about grief and love and what it means to be truly responsible for one another as human beings. There are some things in it that I need to adjust, but I am hoping to have this novel out sometime early in 2024, if not Christmastime 2023. I even made a placeholder book cover to help inspire my mind to work on it.

It is very YA. I know sometimes my work borders between YA and Adult but… this one for certain is YA. It does a sort of Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court type of thing. Except there’s no King Arthur. Certainly no Merlin. And nobody is allowed to carry a sword at all.