In the Works

What am I working on?

Firstly, you should never ask an author that question. If their answer is ‘nothing’, then they are undoubtedly depressed and in need of many pints of ice-cream and/or the vice of their choice. Or, and this is more likely the case, they are working on something and they will happily unleash different variations of the pitch/synopsis/outline and you will be caught scrambling for an excuse to get away.

But hey, you’re here, so you asked, right?


Presently I am working on the Nora Grayson series, about an empathic wizard living in Boston who acts as a counselor to the supernatural creatures living amongst us. Her story has grown, as they are wont to do once pen meets the page, and there are several smaller stories within her world that I intend to put forward. The first two books of the series are written, with the second book being edited presently and the third slowly being outlined.

I also hope to have a short story written in time for the holidays. And yes, this series is currently out on query.


The current status of this book is WORLDBUILDING. So much world building. More world building than I think I have ever done before. But I’m using advice from the late Dave Farland, whose words of wisdom shall remain timeless for all authors, and in the words of Neil Gaiman – I’m not a good enough writer to pull this one off yet.


But I will be soon.


The third installment of the Zephyr Chronicles has been percolating in the back of my mind for long enough. If Last Child doesn’t steal the end of the year, then fans of Jorry and Seach Barlow will be happy to know the couple will make another appearance sometime in 2023.