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Where I Pretend I Know What I’m Doing…

I have a plan and it's a good plan. Or at least I think it is a good plan. Ask me again when all this is over. So here's the plan... Last Child of Winter is nearly complete. It turned out longer than I intended, which I think is probably good because it means I… Continue reading Where I Pretend I Know What I’m Doing…


Arguments with my Internal Editor

(A brief peek into this odd-ball brain of mine since the beginning of the current work in progress.) Me: Alright! It's an urban fantasy about a marital counselor to the supernatural. Werewolves, vampires, and all those magical creatures! It'll be great. Internal Editor: You can't be serious. Urban Fantasy is full of women in tight… Continue reading Arguments with my Internal Editor


Embracing the Super-Soldier Cliche

From Achilles to Captain America, Perseus to Luke Skywalker, our stories have been saturated with soldier heroes. We play them in our video games, we read them in science fiction; super soldiers who have the strength to fight when others fall behind. AVAILABLE September 8, 2020 We love them because they fill us with hope.… Continue reading Embracing the Super-Soldier Cliche


Throwing Confetti! (AKA – Persona’s Re-Write is done!)

Technically I started this book over a decade ago while working at a Clinic & Hospital. I toted it around in a notebook and copied pages off for my mother since typing on the electric typewriter (shut up, I couldn't afford a computer back then) took more time than I had. Yes, she still has… Continue reading Throwing Confetti! (AKA – Persona’s Re-Write is done!)

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Owning Your Craft – Sedition Version

I began reading Sedition to my son recently. He's seven now and the whole Fantasy world of Dyngannon seems to appeal to him. That or he just really likes the sword on the cover. I'm pretty sure much of the story is over his head but, he picked it and all. (Don't worry, we read… Continue reading Owning Your Craft – Sedition Version