Character Backstories – March Round Robin 2023

This month we're unveiling the topic of Character Backstories, why they're important, and how we manage to get the information onto the page without a snooze-worthy info-dump. Because nobody likes an info-dump. Even if it's told in a snarky voice in the narrative, readers recognize an info-dump when they see one. So... how do I… Continue reading Character Backstories – March Round Robin 2023

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Where I Pretend I Know What I’m Doing…

I have a plan and it's a good plan. Or at least I think it is a good plan. Ask me again when all this is over. So here's the plan... Last Child of Winter is nearly complete. It turned out longer than I intended, which I think is probably good because it means I… Continue reading Where I Pretend I Know What I’m Doing…

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The Article of Doom

She'd heard all these things before.She knew the chances of landing a traditional publishing deal were astronomical. All the statistics were the same. All the naysaying was the same. And that nagging voice telling her the minimum wage day job was all she would ever know?Yes, that too was the same.So why was this article… Continue reading The Article of Doom