So there I was trying to take a nap because I'm either coming down with something nasty or have finally developed allergies -- Hopefully I'm just getting sick.  I really don't want to look forward to a seasonal allergy every year -- when I opened my eyes and saw something strange on my bookshelf. Do … Continue reading Quests


Well, tomorrow I'm going to have a guest post from RJ Blain, who is another relatively insane author I've been stalking on Google+ for a while now.  (I don't think it's really stalking when she's in another country, but ... eh ... we'll let her decide where the creepy boundary is.) Anyway, you'll love her. … Continue reading Choices


This week I rewrote almost all of Chapter One of the WWII project, which I think I might title Sullied Heritage instead of Crossweathers, but we'll see.  (Many thanks to Tressa Green for taking a moment out of her day to  help me brainstorm.)  In the middle of the rewrite I came across several problems … Continue reading Research

Trunk Novels

I've gone through and deleted most of my trunk novels.  To be honest, several of them were dissected; meaning I took characters I enjoyed or a concept I thought was cool and then placed them inside a different book. In fact, Nelek Dyngannon from the Sedition series came from a trunk novel.  And the concept … Continue reading Trunk Novels