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Star Trek First Contact Re-Watch

Yes, I really am doing a re-watch of the films. Why? For those of you who haven't been following along, I am doing this because my up-coming novel Nora and the Werewolf Wedding features a character inspired by Deanna Troi from the Next Generation series. Deanna as an empath had a lot of power in… Continue reading Star Trek First Contact Re-Watch

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Star Trek Generations Rewatch

Why am I rewatching old Star Trek movies? So glad you asked! My upcoming novel Nora and the Werewolf Wedding was partially inspired by the character of Deanna Troi in Star Trek the Next Generation. Now, if you think it's strange that a science fiction character could inspire a series of urban fantasy novels... Well,… Continue reading Star Trek Generations Rewatch


Embracing the Super-Soldier Cliche

From Achilles to Captain America, Perseus to Luke Skywalker, our stories have been saturated with soldier heroes. We play them in our video games, we read them in science fiction; super soldiers who have the strength to fight when others fall behind. AVAILABLE September 8, 2020 We love them because they fill us with hope.… Continue reading Embracing the Super-Soldier Cliche


Daphnis Up Close – For Science Fiction

Daphnis was discovered back in 2005 by the Cassini mission team. Before that, scientists had suggested that there was a moon there based on the ripples they could see in the Keeler Gap, but hadn’t any solid proof it was there since… you know… the planet is so far away from us. What the mission… Continue reading Daphnis Up Close – For Science Fiction

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Writing and Business and the In-Between

As of this evening my novelette "Torven" has a completed rough draft. Given its very small length (16006 words) I have been toying around with the idea of giving it away for free or really, really cheap (after it's gone through a rigorous editing) which has led me to the normal marketing spiel/debate. I've been… Continue reading Writing and Business and the In-Between