About Deviation

Every writer has to ask themselves the question of what makes their book different from everyone else's work. What makes their style stand out, or why should anyone get interested in the book they've written. Bear in mind that I do not mean the internal critic that is always saying the work isn't good enough. … Continue reading About Deviation

Insult to Injury

I graduated last month with honors. Family gathered. I walked the stage (even though I felt a trifle out of place since I'd conducted all of my schooling online).  And then I took the rest of May off from writing and responsibility. There was much Game of Thrones to catch up with (still working on that) … Continue reading Insult to Injury

I did a Guest Post!

The totally amazing C.J. Brightly hosted me on her blog this week! If you are thinking about writing a sequel or are currently writing one, have a peek at some of the things I've learned about how to do them without going completely insane. CLICK ME for the LINK.