Woo! Blog Anniversary!

Honestly, I don’t keep track of these sorts of things but WordPress apparently does.  I have a neat little icon telling me “Happy Anniversary! You’ve been blogging with us for 2 years now!”

That’s two years of writing epiphanies, motherhood traumas, and entertainment reviews.  Goodness, does time fly.

So what do I have to say on my 2 year anniversary here?


Um ….

Well, I went to the park with my son the other day and a couple of boys decided to start throwing rocks at a small duck.  I was offended not only because the duck was near my son and I, making many of those rocks hit right near or on us instead, but because of the mentality that went into those actions.

I mean, what kind of mindset does it take to see a small creature and decide you must, must, must throw things at it or pick on it or otherwise attempt to cause it harm?

I tried asking them to stop and they wouldn’t listen.

To make matters worse, this duck had an obvious limp and was already injured.  So I put myself directly in the path between the boys and the duck until it had managed to swim a safe distance away.

Then I got my son and took him to get ice cream where I sat down and explained to him that we have a responsibility to take care of people or creatures that cannot take care of themselves.

That’s a blanket version.  There was a lot more depth to it.  I know we can’t possibly take care of everything and everyone in the world, but we can make an impact on exactly where we are living.

I mean … seriously, people.  There’s a cute duck swimming by and the first reaction was to try to hurt it?


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