Congratulations to all NaNoWriMo Participants

I hope you all had as much fun as I did writing during the month of November. I do so love National Novel Writing Month and I was so happy to have the chance to participate this year … even though I lost.

I was short by about 14,000 words which if I hadn’t gone to visit family for the last week of November I would have managed to surpass. But in the end I really, really, really needed four days away from the computer screen. (Remember, I work in front of a computer, do homework in front a computer, and transcribe my novels onto a computer, I think I deserve a little down time every now and then.)

As much as I would love to continue working on Residual/Print (I can’t decide on a title yet) I have to set the book aside to finish up work on Usurper. I know Trenna fans will be happy to hear that her third novel will come out late next year. I promise she’s just as sassy as ever and has a riot in this third installment.

For Residual/Print/I’ll-figure-out-the-title-someday I have to admit that I had a blast writing it. This would be my first try at a semi-horror type novel. I did scare myself once while I was in the middle of writing it, and not because I had forgotten to save the manuscript to my USB device.

In fact, it was late at night and I was in the middle of a particularly creepy scene when my cat leapt onto the back of my chair and scared the skittles out of me. It took a good minute for my heart to calm down and I decided I’d better finish that scene before I went to bed.

To everyone who participated this year — Congratulations!

Even if you didn’t win, you sat down and got words on paper and that is just plain amazing. We all know it’s a crappy first draft — everything starts as a crappy first draft — but now there’s something to work with.

Well done! And I hope you had as much fun as I did. (Without having your cat scare the skittles out of you.)

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