Good Lord, is 2013 almost over?

Looking at my blog schedule I realized that I have all of 3 weeks left in the year. 3 weeks and 2013 is over!

Well, three weeks and a few days if we want to be technical. But since the end of this year is actually going to be supremely crazy for me (5-year-old + Christmas = Mayhem) I thought I’d better write my year-in-review now. Because honestly, apart from making New Years goals this happens to be one of my absolute favorite posts to make. (Uber loves and thanks go out to Lisa Cohen for getting me hooked on this.)

So! What did I say I wanted to do in the year 2013?

1) Submit my edited copy of Dead Magic to DDP on my deadline of March 1st.

There’s a big check mark in that particular box. Dead Magic was sent in, edited twice over by the fine people at DDP, and will be released in 2014.

2) Finish Usurper.

To be totally honest, I’m still working on this one. But if I follow my schedule I will have it done on December 3oth. Which is cutting it a little close but … eh … at least it’ll have a completed draft.

3) World Build and (hopefully) complete Tapped.

Another big check mark. Tapped has a completed draft AND went through the hands of an editor. I’ll be editing Tapped using the editor’s notes starting January 2nd.

4) Climb 2 Mountains.

…….. Well, you see, my car broke. I couldn’t drive up to the mountains in a car that kept breaking, so I couldn’t climb any mountains. But I totally made up for this, I swear!

Those are the 4 goals I planned out for 2013. Here’s what I did in addition to all of that;

1) Re-wrote and serialized my first historical fiction — Hurray Persona!

2) Participated (and lost) NaNoWriMo, leaving me with 37 thousand words of a truly entertaining ghost/science fiction story.

3) Edited Deviation per DDP notes — subsequently Deviation will also be released in 2014.

4) Wrote a short story for a new DDP anthology — which I imagine will come out soon. (The Nano-Fisherman’s Wife)

5) Wrote another short story for a completely different anthology which will hopefully come out around Christmastime. (Countdown to Goodbye)

6) Started lifting weights. (This is not a joke. I totally have started lifted weights and my arms look incredible. If I weren’t allergic to the whole “selfie” picture thing I would totally post one just of my biceps.)

7) Started researching the Civil War era for a prospective historical novel.

And that’s all on top of the whole school work thing. Which, by the way, I will graduate in the Spring. But I’ll post next week about all the fun things I get to do in 2014. For now, I’m just happy to see what I managed to accomplish in 2013. It was truly a year of hard work, but it was work I enjoyed doing so that made it worth all the hours in front of an empty page.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful year and I’m looking forward to a fruitful 2014.

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