Bring On The New

As of October 28th, Darkside of Bright has a completed first draft. Calculating how long this took, it was about 4 months of work start to finish, which isn’t bad at all. There are things I am still debating changing but for now, it is going into a virtual corner to sit and simmer while I work on something else.

And because National Novel Writing Month begins TOMORROW, I will be participating as a Nano-Rebel again. Because my brain needs a break from the act of Drafting.

So I will be editing my Shelter novel. Which has a new title; For Every Pet, A Home.

I’m not married to that title.

For now it will do.

It is, quite obviously, about an animal shelter. And yes, it draws off personal experience having worked in one, but no it is not a biography. It is also 100% different from anything I have ever written. It’s modern. It deals with right now. It doesn’t have ghosts or magic or any such thing in it.

Unless you count the magic a dog possesses when they put their chin in your lap.

It’s about faith and relationships and the lessons we learn by simply caring for a creature that needs our help. My time at the shelter was precious to me and I deeply admire all the people who can work in that field for the long term. It is, quite frankly, the most difficult job I have ever done – and I was in the Army.

The emotional toll it takes to greet that animal who is being surrendered for the first time, who is scared and lost and doesn’t understand what is happening, still makes my chest squeeze tight sometimes. This is not a job for the faint of heart and I do pray that this book, once it is completed, is a proper salute to animal shelter workers across the globe.

You’re all heroes to me.

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